One of the four top prizes

Since al Azizia is developing randomly without any urban design vision it is a gold opportunity for the developer of Samaya community and the city to create an urban destination. This destination will be an urban gathering place to Live, Work, Socialize and Entertain. The design is built around Two main public spaces (Samaya Square) in the heart of the mixed use zone and a linear public spine in the residential zone. The linear spine split the site into north and south zones. The north and south zones are mirror of each other. This open space spine will act as main project reference and orientation. The Spine contain green area, Play grounds, Kickabout, Kindergarten, And local Mosque. This spine ends up in the heart of the mixed use main plaza and gathering place (Samaya Square). The road around the spine is only one lane (one direction) tile paved, curb less street to be safer for pedestrians and kids. The entrance of the spine from the east will have landmark tower in the median and the entrance from the west will have special architectural treatment in both corners of the retail buildings. The apartment buildings are built around open space. The open space will have visitor parking and Small Park with kids play area and multi-use grass area that can be kick about during day time and social space for apartment residents at night.