Site Area : 290,000 m2


Majd community is 290 000 m2 west of Dammam along airport road The Goal was to create a walkable and livable community. Ehab al Amri Urban consultant (EAUC) have explored the site to its maximum potental by creaing two destnaions, the first is a city level mixed-use destinaion along airport road in the north side of the site, and the other one is a community level. Main Street in the southern side of the site. The residental community has a central elliptcal shape neighborhood park and two mosques kindergarten and school. Higher connectvity of Streets and pedestrian walkways makes easy walkability to all amenites in the site.

The city level mixed – use destination created with internal 400 m long local street .The street will be human scale in character, more pedestrian oriented with wide sidewalks. This street will be ignited with life through a shopping mall hotels residential apartments offices, restaurants and cafes.

The community level Main Street is a life style low density mixed -use shopping street. The street main retail magnet will be 3000m2 supermarket and t he famous Jareer Book store. The street given mediterranean architectural style for more friendly urban character.

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